Vascular Tumors/Malformations

  • Vascular tumors
    • The most common vascular tumor of childhood is the hemangioma
    • Approximately 60% of hemangiomas occur within the head and neck
    • Carotid Body Tumors are the most common tumor of carotid artery and are treated by surgical removal
  • Vascular Malformations
    • Vascular malformations include low-flow malformations of capillaries or veins and high-flow malformations of arteries
    • Majority of lymphatic malformations develop within the head & neck often occurring within the tongue causing symptoms of speech impairment, swelling and swallowing dysfunction
  • Treatment includes both non-surgical (sclerotherapy) and surgical removal with reconstruction
  • The UMOMSA faculty work closely with interventional radiologists/vascular surgeons from the University of Maryland as embolization procedures are often needed prior to definitive surgical therapy