Oral Surgery-Head & Neck Surgery

 Baltimore MD

University of Maryland Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

 Robert A. Ord, DDS, MD, FACS, John F. Caccamese, Jr., DMD, MD, FACS, Gary Warburton, DDS, MD, FACS, Joshua E. Lubek, DDS, MD, FACS, Donita Dyalram, DDS, MD, FACS or Nicholas R. Wilken, DDS, MD, are a group of highly-specialized board certified physicians and dentists with expertise in both surgical and dental procedures of the head and neck. Our unique multi-disciplinary team offers the patient treated at UMOMSA the ability to undergo comprehensive treatment including simultaneous facial reconstruction and dental rehabilitation. 

Drs. Ord, Caccamese, Warburton, Lubek, Dyalram or Wilken‘s staff is trained in assisting with I.V. sedation within our state of the art office setting.

Our office is located at 650 West Baltimore Street, 1st Floor Suite 1401, Baltimore, MD.

Call us at Baltimore Office Phone Number 410-706-6195.

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