Jaw Tumor Surgery

Tumors and cysts of the jaws represent a diverse group of diseases that can originate from both tooth-related structures (odontogenic) and non-tooth-related (non-odontogenic) sources within the jaws, including:

  • Cysts associated with impacted teeth can very often be treated with curettage of the cyst and removal associated tooth
  • Jaw tumors such as ameloblastoma or myxoma require a more aggressive approach with surgical resection of the jaw to ensure complete removal and minimize chance of recurrence
  • Patients requiring surgical removal of these tumors can often have immediate jaw reconstruction with microvascular free flaps and simultaneous dental implant replacement
  • Other less aggressive tumors such as fibro-osseous tumors and giant cell lesions can often be treated with removal and preservation of the surrounding jaw and facial bone structure

Some jaw tumors can be associated with systemic conditions, including:

  • Giant cell tumors and parathyroid disease
  • Keratocysts of the jaws and basal cell nevus syndrome

Following treatment of such diseases, the UMOMSA team will continue to follow patients closely to watch for any signs of recurrence with clinical exam and various radiographic imaging techniques (orthopantomogram and CT scan)