Reconstructive Surgery

What is Reconstructive Surgery for the Head & Neck?

Reconstructive surgery for the head and neck applies to a full range of procedures which address the functional and aesthetic reconstruction of the region which may have been damaged due to trauma or cancer treatment including osteoradionecrosis (a condition of non-vital bone caused by radiation).

The team at University of Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Associates understands the important relationship between aesthetic appearance and function, and applies the highest standards of surgical care to approach each aspect in the treatment plan.


 Shaded area indicates extent of cancer in the jaw.

Cancerous portion of the jaw is resected and reconstruction bar placed along the jaw line.
 Bone flap used in the resection.
 Bone flap from the leg adapted to the reconstruction bar.

Firmly Committed to Patient Care

Our patients are our first priority at UMOMSA, and our team of highly sub-specialized work closely and collaboratively to assure that each patient receives compassionate care utilizing the most advanced techniques and technologies available. A multidisciplinary approach is frequently used to evaluate the nature and severity of the problem in order to provide the most optimal treatment plan.

Truly comprehensive surgical management should always be one that provides information, support and guidance throughout the entire process. We realize the need for any surgery can be a very stressful time, and believe the process is made much easier for the patient when access to information and support is a priority. From diagnosis to recovery, we believe that the best decisions are informed ones.

University of Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

University of Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Associates offers comprehensive, state of the art reconstructive surgery for post traumatic and cancer related problems of the head and neck for children and adults. Our multidisciplinary team of nationally respected maxillofacial surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ABOMS) and provide a full range of reconstructive surgical procedures.

    • Microvascular free flap reconstruction
    • Bone grafting procedures for maxillofacial defects
    • Reconstruction of bone, muscle, skin and mucosa via
      the transfer of tissue from other regions of the body
    • Dental implant reconstruction
    • Utilization of computer assisted preoperative surgical planning
    • Stereotactic intraoperative computer navigation